Allan Trautman

Puppeteer, Actor, Director, Educator


Interview from off-Broadway
Stuffed and Unstrung

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Allan Trautman, Puppeteer

I've performed hand puppets, animatronic creatures, and computer generated characters for the Jim Henson Company, Jim Henson's Creature Shop and others, both here and abroad. I was the lead puppeteer for Ferdinand the Duck in the original Babe, Eddie Murphy’s dog in Dr. Dolittle, and puppeteered on the Men in Black movies. I just returned from off-Broadway in Stuffed and Unstrung, the Henson company’s internationally acclaimed puppet improv show. See my puppeteer resume for more info.

Allan Trautman, Actor

I've worked as an on-camera actor in films, TV series and commercials, and also have quite a bit of stage experience. Most recent appearances include Joan of Arcadia, Grounded for Life, the Coen Brothers movie Intolerable Cruelty, and various productions of Shakespeare. See my acting resume for more.

Allan Trautman, Director

I directed a number of episodes in the first season of Sid the Science Kid, the Emmy-nominated PBS Kids TV series produced by the Jim Henson Company.

Allan Trautman, Educator

I’m in my fourth year of teaching improvisation at College of the Canyons and directing the college’s improv performance group, Comedians of the Canyons. I’m also an assistant professor in the theatre department of CSU, Bakersfield.

Allan Trautman, Performance Coordinator

On Dr. Dolittle, I served as the performance coordinator as well lead puppeteer with the Henson Creature Shop. Essentially the director of puppetry, the performance coordinator consults with the director about what kind of puppet effects are needed, how to achieve them, and which puppeteers to hire and assign to which puppets.


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Puppeteer, Actor, Director, Educator

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